This is a quick demo of this SkillCheck Admin dashboard for pre-employment assessments. If you sign into your account and you don't see this dashboard, click on the link at the top it says “Switch to the New Dashboard”. On the top of the dashboard is the Recently Completed tests and you can see which candidates have taken the test, the test title and you can even click into the score to see the score reports on the screen.

Scrolling down you have Pending Sessions that you have emailed out to the candidates. You can see the test name, the test status, and the date it was created. Scrolling down the screen, you can see more data such as your test completion rate, the testing activity by the user, and the top test titles administered by different date ranges.

But what's important is the links on the top-right. “Start testing now” which launches sessions here on this computer if your candidate is ready. Use Email the test invitations to send it out via email to someone who's testing remotely. Get test session links which allows you to generate a web link that you can paste in emails being sent to the job candidate. If you go to Start Testing Now, you just select the test on the left side and then you move over to the right and then you can select multiple tests. Then you can click next and you can start the session right on the screen. These three-options all work in the same way when you’re selecting your test and move it to the right box. Other options you have are Search for Scores, where you can look at past scores, searching by name, test name, score and the date range. You can also download a summary report if you have a larger score set that you're trying to look at.

Going back to the dashboard, we have our settings which allows you to change the password and several options including “Manage account users”, where you can add other admins and remove any admins who've left the company or no longer should have access to the test system. Back to the Dashboard, Advanced Options allow you to collect demographic data and set-up filters for your account. Those are the important parts of the Skillcheck Admin dashboard. If you have any questions about us, let us know and we would be happy to walk you through it.

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