Pre-Employment Skills Tests

No More Hiring Mistakes. Guaranteed.

We administer thousands of tests each month to job applicants and employees. Our 800+ online pre-employment tests, which can be specific to job and/or industries, will show you what applicants can do before you hire them. Click on a link below to learn more about each test or call us and we'll give a quick overview by phone.  The cost of our tests are much less than the cost of a hiring mistake.

Which Tests Should I Administer? See the Test List by Job Category

Behavioral & Aptitude Tests

Microsoft Office Skills Tests

 Clerical Skills Tests

Accounting Skills Tests

  • Accountant & Bookkeeper Tests      
  • Accounts Payable Test
  • Accounts Receivable Test
  • QuickBooks Test
  • And many more

 Healthcare Industry Tests

  Industrial Skills Tests

  • Industrial Success Profile (w/Attendance)
  • Shipping/Receiving Test
  • Pick Pack Test
  • Count Stack Test
  • Work Accident Likelihood Test *
  • And many more

Legal Industry Skills Tests

  • Legal Typing Test
  • Legal Spelling Test
  • Paralegal Test
  • Legal Transcription Tests
  • Legal Terminology Test
  • Paralegal Test
  • And many more

 *These tests operate on a different test platform than the others and the pricing may vary.

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